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Convert videos to mp3 from Youtube online for free

Yes, at first YtMp4 only helped users download video from Youtube, but recently we added Youtube MP3 converter, and things really changed for the better. Now every 2 of 3 visitors end up on this page because they need to convert Youtube video to mp3 efficiently and retain as much quality sound as possible. And that's exactly what we do, offering you MP3 at its highest bitrate - 320Kbps. You can even give us a playlist from Youtube with music videos, and we will show you how to convert all (or some) of those videos to mp3 swiftly and efficiently. Try YtMP4, you will love it here!

How to find music on Youtube and download as mp3 file?

Download Youtube audio as MP3, M4A, WEBM, etc

We are up with times, we know that MP3 maybe the past, and M4A maybe the future. While MP3 is synonymous with 'a song on my device', M4A is not that cozy with you yet. But it is actually hiding behind every Youtube video, and we know how to extract it, in fact, the sound quality is better than MP3 that we convert from that same M4A.. With size equal or smaller than MP3, M4A manages to deliver more enjoyable sound at a richer spectrum. Try it out. We also offer WEBM, AAC, OPUS and several other audio formats.


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Quick FAQ

What is a safe way to convert Youtube to mp3?

  1. Access Youtube video you need to convert to mp3, copy it to clipboard.
  2. Visit ytmp4 and insert video URL into the search entry field, submit - hit Download button.
  3. From the options select MP3 if not selected, click Get Link and proceed.

Do you have to signup to get unlimited downloads?

No. There's no signup, downloads are unlimited for everyone from the start. No registration needed.

Where do I send the downloaded mp3s on my laptop?

If you never changed it, it's usually the default downloads folder that has your mp3 files. You can always find list of downloads in the browser menu Downloads.

How do I convert Youtube to mp3 on my iPhone?

Same like on all other iPhones before and after yours - just use the website! Here's a step by step walkthru:
  1. Access Youtube from Youtube app, after that copy the video URL you wish to convert to mp3 to your clipboard
  2. Open this site and paste video URL into the entry field on top, hit Download button
  3. Now select MP3 if not selected for you, click Get Link and press the big green button to begin conversion

What audio formats does YtMP4 support and use?

We are armed with a vast array of contemporary audio file formats and aren't afraid to use them all! Just give us a reason...

Will this work on a Windows laptop? Macbook?

Yes, laptop can have it both in browser and as app, while Macbook can use browser to produce the desired results.